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I love to collect vintage knitting patterns and design my own. Here you’ll find just some of my collection that have fallen into the public domain, plus.

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Shara Lambeth Designs I was SO happy to find this pattern. I made the first one, using local alpaca and Noro Kureyon, as soon as I downloaded the pattern, it's very well written, easy to.

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AGPT: Kit: 1934 - AG Playthings: Kit Kit: 1934 Kit Kittredge® is a clever, resourceful, inquisitive girl growing up in 1934, during the Great Depression. With spirit and determination.

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The Complete Book of Crochet Border Designs: Hundreds of. The Complete Book of Crochet Border Designs: Hundreds of Classic & Original Patterns [Linda P. Schapper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This.

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Selvage Blog Selvage Quilter Litchfield, Connecticut, United States Quilt-making is my passion. I love the creative process. Why 'Selvage Quilter?' See my book: 'Quilts from the.

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Fringe Association | Knitting ideas, inspiration and free. Knitting ideas, inspiration and free patterns, plus crochet, weaving, and more

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